Early life

Timeline is based on various info from websites, for example this Facebook group (unfortunately, this Facebook Group does not exist anymore…), the police report and comments from people that knew Jeremy.

10 Feb 1975
Jeremy Wade Delle was born in Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky, USA. Alternative sources state that he was born in Madisonville, Hopkins, Kentucky. Fact is, he was born in Kentucky.

For more detailed info on Murray check this website.

Murray looks like your typical small US town featuring cozy and expensive looking houses but also apartment style accommodations.
According to the wiki page, “The median income for a household in the city was $25,647, and the median income for a family was $41,331. ” whereas in Garland, TX “the median income for a household in the city was $52,441, and for a family was $57,293”
Though the figures are from 2011, it is easy to imagine work related reasons for moving to Dallas area in the late 70s. 1980 census noted a 111% increase in population for Garland alone, after 2 decades of over 250% growth.

Dec 1978
Jeremy’s parents, Joseph and Wanda Delle, buy a house in the 3700 block of Classic Drive in the Dallas suburb Garland

April 1979
Joseph and Wanda separate after marriage of 9 years.
Jeremy is 5 years old and his sister is almost 9.

July 1979
Joseph and Wanda Delle divorce and sell their house in Garland.
Wanda becomes the managing conservator of Jeremy and his sister, Joseph to pay child support

Nov. 1979
Joseph remarries

Aug 1980
Jeremy enters kindergarten at Truett Elementary School in the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) while living with his mother in an apartment at 8700 Shiloh Road in Dallas

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Shiloh Road & Truett ES

April 1983

Joseph and his second wife separate and divorce

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Wanda gave an interview to WFAA on October 2018, revealing pictures of young Jeremy from the early 1980’s. She also told the world about her sons artistic talents. Given his young age, Jeremy showed remarkable talent in drawing. He won first of shows at the Texas State Fair on 1982/3 with an elephant painting. Drawing is a skill and though some people may have a talent, it takes dedication of time, effort and creativity to develop it. Drawing requires strong eye-hand coordination which may explain why Jeremy is also said to have been a good drummer.

April 1984
Wanda remarries

Aug. 1984
Jeremy enters Lakewood Elementary School in the DISD for the 1984-86 school years while living with his sister, mother and her husband in a house in the 2600 block of San Paula Drive in Dallas.

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San Paula Drive

May 1986
Wanda buys a house in 2600 Jonesboro, Dallas. Jeremy enrolls in grade 6 at Truett Elementary School in DISD for 1986-87 school year while living at Jonesboro house

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Sept 1987 – Mid 1988
Jeremy starts grade 7 at W.H. Gaston Middle School in DISD. He fails grade 7 and has to repeat the school year.

Jeremy in 1987-88 school year
Jeremy in 1987-88
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W.H. Gaston Middle School:

comment: W.H. Gaston MS; a typical middle school building. They have a top notch soccer field though and the neighborhood was decent. No info on how this place appeared in the 1980’s.

Early 1989
Jeremy is promoted to grade 8 at Gaston Middle School


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